Find your new name (inspired by boredom)
Funny stuff
a dusty computer (not mine)
irc stuff (nothing useful except maybe my old AIM script which may or may not work and may or may not cause cancer in lab rats)
instructions for setting up XP's firewall to work with mIRC
handy .reg file for NT, sets up tab completion for command line, adds "command prompt here" to right click menu, etc
registry file for creating a "blocked cookies" zone in IE. cookies from sites in this zone are rejected. ie 6.0 has something like this built in methinks
laptop art
screen shot from the mess that is iManage. look at how small the text is. absolutely horrid. but not as bad as Docs Open... *shudder*
a monster query (for me at least) for an ISAPI filter. Authenticates users against a database.
Random facts
Random quotes/whatever